About DentProtect

DentProtect is a subsidiary of 32Clicks Sdn Bhd. We are one of the best and most comprehensive professional indemnity protection plans for dental practitioners in Malaysia.

It offers up to 16 benefits in an inclusive All-in-One package.  Whether you need legal representation in court or to compensate patients for aggravated damages or even for personal accident claims, we got your back! Let’s get you DentProtected!

Our Mission

DentProtect is an Insurance Provider with a difference catering to providing a Humanistic Service and also providing wide variety of Insurance packages which are Made-for-Dentists.

Our Vision

DentProtect strives to be the Leading Comprehensive Insurance Provider for Dental Practitioners.

Our core values & beliefs

01     Dentist Focused

As dentists ourselves, we know how troublesome it can be to get the right professional indemnity insurance. Through a long-term understanding, the minds behind this policy is specifically curated by dentists for dentists.

02     Trustworthiness

There`s nothing more important than having others who believe in your business. That`s why we have built a community of dentists throughout Malaysia who are DentProtected.

03     Dedication

Everyone in DentProtect is united towards a single goal. We aim to provide comprehensive and seamless online purchase of professional indemnity insurance. True to our cause, we want to be the first name that comes to mind when looking for indemnity insurance.

04     Simplicity

We believe the best things in life should be simple to use and easy to understand. This approach allows us to keep things down to earth and focus on your indemnity purchase experience.

05     Tailor-Made Protection Plan for Dentists

Did you know that DentProtect is the only specialized Dental Practitioners Professional Indemnity in Malaysia? The only Professional Indemnity Plan Designed by Dentists for Dentists

06     Mediate Not Litigate

DentProtect believes in Mediation as a key strategy in management of any malpractice issues Our panel of Mediators & Advisor are ready to serve any Dentist at any point of time

07     Experience

DentProtect advisors consist of Dental Practitioners with extensive experience in Dental Malpractice Management

08     Affordable Pricing

Competitive Pricing Plans of DentProtect are unmatched in the market today

Team Member

Meet our team

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Chief Communications Officer

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Product Designer

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