Medical Malpractice Benefits

Legal Representation at Inquiry & Investigation

Before deciding on any indemnity protection plan for you, remember to always look at the board of legal representation. They must have the appropriate background and experience to represent you and your case. DentProtect is able to provide you with just that! Our panel of advisors, mediators and lawyers have extensive experience in dental and medical malpractice management. (​However, should you be more comfortable with your own lawyer, we allow you to have a lawyer of your choice as long as they have a medico-legal background.​)

Defence Costs & Legal Representation Expenses

In any case, if you find yourself in the midst of a legal dental suit, you must know that you would be required to be represented in two places and most probably with two lawyers as well. Firstly, you need to present your case to the Malaysian Dental Council with one legal representation and secondly is to defend your case in the court of law. In both instances, DentProtect is here to cover your expenses so you can focus on more important details.

Run Off Cover

So, you have retired as a dental practitioner and you are not paying your indemnity plan premiums but what if a claim suddenly arises from back in the time you were practicing? A policy with run off cover would guarantee coverage for you the entire time you are insured, even after you have stopped practicing. DentProtect is able to offer you with its own run off cover which is complimentary (no additional contribution) as long as you have been covered by us for 5 consecutive years.

Unlimited Retroactive Cover

A retroactive cover means that you are covered with the policy not only from the start date but from the day you started your dental practice. DentProtect’s Unlimited Retroactive Cover will be able to cover you against any past incidents, regardless of when you started your practice; 2 years ago, 5 years ago or even 10 years ago!

Medical Incident Claim

As humans, we make mistakes and dental practitioners are not exempted from this. As much as you are careful and tedious, on very rare occasions, medical negligence in dentistry could happen. Say, for example, you extracted a wrong tooth which is definitely a dental accident but unfortunately you are being sued. DentProtect will be able to handle claims like this for your ease.

Aggravated Damages

When the court orders the dental practitioner to pay extra damages on top of the existing claims, these are called aggravated damages. Usually, this is to compensate any claims related to emotional stress caused to the clients due to the dental malpractice. DentProtect’s professional indemnity plan is able to cover you well when it comes to aggravated damages.

Automatic Reinstatement

During the claims, when the coverage limit of the policy has been exhausted, DentProtect provides ONE automatic reinstatement that offers additional coverage for the full coverage amount and this addition can be utilized for subsequent claims. Did you know that most of the current professional indemnity providers offer this option with additional payment on top of your premium? Did you also know that DentProtect provides this as a complimentary in our policy?

Cyber & Privacy Infringement

The current generation of information technology allows most, if not all records of patients to be digitalized. As such, dental practitioners are constantly in need of protection from cyber and privacy infringement, especially when it comes to personal information. DentProtect covers such infringement for your best interest when it comes to modern, digital age protection.

Vicarious Liability

Did you know that you may be liable for the negligence committed by your locum doctor? Not to worry as we extend our coverage to have this Locum Cover under our Vicarious Liability clause.

Emergency Defence Cost

You need a legal representation, and you need it now, but it is a public holiday, and you cannot get hold of your professional indemnity policy provider to offer you, their lawyer. Do not worry! In cases of emergency like this, you are free to get your own lawyer to defend your case and DentProtect will be able to cover your cost for that. We make it convenient as you are our priority.

Good Samaritan Act

When you are in public and helping a person in need, whether it is to save a limb or a life, it should not be a legal issue. Unfortunately, sometimes, as a medical officer, dental practitioner or just a Good Samaritan, you could find yourself getting involved in a lawsuit for being helpful. DentProtect will be able to assist you with this under our Good Samaritan Act.


In a professional situation of discussions and opinion sharing, there is a chance of defamation occurring unintentionally. When you share your opinions or make a statement that possibly could harm a colleague’s reputation, you might find yourself in the midst of a legal suit of defamation. Not to worry as DentProtect will always be there to protect you against defamation in any way.

Intellectual Property Infringement (IPI)

Think of this; As a dental practitioner, you created a new product or a new business venture that helps clients better than the current traditional method. However, after publicizing your product or idea, a third-party claim that it was stolen from them, but you know it was your own idea and effort. You do not have to give up your hard work because DentProtect will have your back for any kind of intellectual property infringement.

Loss of Documents

As a dental practitioner, you would also be liable to obtain information of your clients which may include personal information, financial information etc. and you would need to store them at a secure location to avoid any breach of privacy. What happens if the documents with such information were alas, misplaced or lost in a fire accident? In order to recover those documents, dental practitioners would need to pay a certain cost but with DentProtect, even that is covered for you.

Personal Accident Cover

DentProtect is not only a dental practitioner indemnity coverage that focuses on your practice and clinic only. We also care about your well-being and want to look out for you in case of any personal difficulties. We offer you additional personal accident cover up to RM 100,000, hence you do not need to worry about obtaining additional personal coverage to add on to your expenses. No other professional indemnity coverage providers offer this but DentProtect!

Public Relation Expenses

In any situation when a legal dental case goes to the public, there is a high chance that it will go to the media such as newspapers, news, and even social media. When such high exposure is given to the case, public relations will need to step in to bring clarity and truth to the public without tarnishing the dental practitioner. We at DentProtect will be able to cover such public relation expenses under our policy to make it easier for you.

OUR Mission

DentProtect is an Insurance Provider with a difference catering to providing a Humanistic Service and also providing wide variety of Insurance packages which are Made-for-Dentists.

Dentist Focused

As dentists ourselves, we know how troublesome it can be to get the right professional indemnity insurance. Through a long-term understanding, the minds behind this policy is specifically curated by dentists for dentists.


There`s nothing more important than having others who believe in your business. That`s why we have built a community of dentists throughout Malaysia who are DentProtected.

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